60% of this debt is due to healthcare cost
“CDHP/HSA plans are turning out to be the best tool since   sliced bread in
  empowering the health care consumer to control health care costs in
  substantial ways.”

About HSA Advisory Group

Health care benefit costs are the single largest and rapidly increasing line item in the cost of doing business across the nation and industry spectrum. As health care benefit costs continue to relentlessly skyrocket out of control, small and large companies alike are close to being maxed out in paying for health care benefits and are frantically trying to find creative solutions to minimize such costs while keeping coverage intact for employees. The only proven, sustainable and logical solution to date is instituting Consumer Driven Health Plans combined with Health Savings Accounts, designed to empower health consumers to make informed and cost-conscious decisions. These plans are being combined with wellness and preventative measures that enhance savings to your company. A multitude of studies have corroborated the use of such plans in achieving substantial cost savings, but the fact remains that the success of these plans is directly dependent on the following two factors:

a. Employees must see a clearly defined financial benefit for themselves, not just for employers, as there is an inherent mistrust in the minds of workers in adopting high deductible health plans.

b. Employers must provide credible and effective third party endorsements, education, training and resources to increase adoption and utilization to achieve higher cost savings for themselves and consequently for the company.

The stakes are high for employers for successful implementation of these plans. CDHP/HSA plans can save as much as $2000 per employee per year, ensuring that variable premium cost increases can finally be controlled. Employees also stand to gain comparable savings if the plans are communicated in clear, credible, motivating and understandable terms. A neutral third-party like the HSA Advisory Group is vital in bridging the credibility gap in the mind of the consumer, insuring success in maximizing the adoption or enrollment and proactive utilization of such plans.

HSA Advisory Group is the premier marketing and consulting company for CDHP/HSA plans in the nation, empowering employees – the health care consumers - to regain control over health care costs. CDHP/HSA plans sets the stage for employees to reap financial rewards by becoming more prudent and cost-conscious health care consumers, automatically helping companies save substantial amounts on health care costs. By drastically reducing or even eliminating this cost variable, your company can regain its financial security and viability.

Expert Conversion and Consulting Techniques:

To accomplish this, HSA Advisory Group provides expert consulting and marketing services:

  • HSA Advisory Group is the premier consulting firm providing a full suite of “third party” educational and marketing services to increase enrollment in CDHP/HSA Plans as offered by your company both during Pre-Launch and Post Launch settings. We provide expert consulting and marketing services to small and large employers alike, as well as educating and motivating employees to enthusiastically adopt and proactively use CDHP/HSA plans. We encourage employees to enroll and utilize these plans through our unparalleled suite of marketing materials, including books, guides, Tele-seminars, Webinars, CD’s/DVD’s and live seminars created for the sole purpose of maximizing enrollment and utilization of CDHP/HSA plans. We strive to create a partnership between employers and employees in solving a shared problem through a win-win strategy.
  • Consumer Driven Health Plans in conjunction with Health Savings Accounts (CDHP/HSA) have become the benchmark solution for companies of all sizes to gain a handle on relentless health care costs. If your company has not implemented such plans, then HSA Advisory Group can help you reap immediate financial savings by securing a custom tailored plan that will save your business and employees substantial sums in the health benefits arena. CDHP/HSA plans can vastly increase your bottom line and eliminate constant premium increase variables while creating a healthy, productive and satisfied workplace. These plans can be made available to your employees either on an exclusive basis or as an option in conjunction with traditional indemnity plans.

The core approach and philosophy of HSA Advisory Group is to provide effective educational, training and motivation tools to bridge the credibility gap between employer and employee to create a sense of partnership in solving a shared problem. Our company has proven that consumer empowerment is the only effective solution in reducing overhead health care expenditures. Learn how HSA Advisory Group can help your business reap immediate financial rewards today!